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Tratos Hosts Ninth Annual FTTH Conference

Cable manufacturer and supplier Tratos held its ninth annual FTTH conference at its main headquarters in Pieve Santo Stefano, Italy on the 6th September.

The full day conference, organised in conjunction with Tyco Electronics and opened by Tratos Cavi President Albano Bragagni, was attended by in excess of 90 people, gathered to listen to guest speakers covering the latest innovations and real time challenges and solutions that are facing the industry today.  Guest speakers included Andrew Oliviero of OFS examining the latest developments in bend-insensitive fibres for FTTx applications and Jan Vandenbroek of Tyco Electronics looking at where we are now with FTTH and what the future holds. Other guest speakers came from Open Access Telecom Italia, TiLAB Telecom Italia and TE Connectivity.

Despite the fact that most presentations were given in the Italian language there was no difficulty in understanding the speakers, mainly thanks to the real-time interpretation relayed to each non-Italian speaker via their own personal radio receiver.

Tratos has exceptional knowledge and expertise in FTTH, offering its own range of FTTH optical cables especially designed for use inside buildings to connect individual properties.

Optimised for brownfield construction networks, the FTTH cables run vertically from the bottom to the top of the building, and one or more of the cables in the bundle can be branched off at any point and connected to the end user.  A reduced amount of connectivity points (splices, connectors) reduces the installation time, thereby minimising disruption for residents.

The cables themselves are highly flexible, even with the added protective reinforcement designed into the cable, allowing the horizontal drop cables to be easily pulled through existing ducts without any damage.  This is further aided by their small diameter and miniaturised cable accessories, making them suitable for installation in small conduits and building floor access points.

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