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A New Dimension in High Efficiency Heat Recovery

The new Duplexvent DV72 from Airflow is among the slimmest, lightest and at 91%, one of the most efficient whole house domestic heat recovery units available anywhere.

The narrow profile easily and discretely fits inside a standard 600mm wide kitchen cupboard and weighing just 14kg it is a quick and a simple installation for one man.

Although highly compact and especially suited to flats and dwellings with restricted or no loft space the three user adjustable air flow settings, up to a maximum of 316 m3/hr, allows powerful extraction from a kitchen and up to three further wet rooms. Simultaneously, fresh, warmed, filtered air is supplied into the living areas to improve the quality of the indoor atmosphere.

With new dwellings being built to ever tighter air infiltration rates the well being of both the occupants and the fabric of a building is under attack from dampness, moisture and a generally poor environment. By eliminating condensation and removing odours and air borne pollutants Duplexvent helps improve the indoor climate.

Exceeding the requirements of the latest Building Regulations (system 4) and independently tested as SAP Appendix Q Eligible (DV72 in the "Best Practice" category) both units use long-life, ball bearing motors to provide an energy efficient solution as part of the SAP calculation to reduce the dwelling emission rates (DER).

Duplexvent use an easy to clean, high efficiency polypropylene heat exchanger. The DV72 EC uses low watt EC motors with an extremely low Specific Fan Power (SFP) to ensure constant air flow rates are maintained even when there is a build up in system pressure, for example, due to increasingly contaminated filters. Supplied with a user adjustable speed controller the three speed settings can be individually adjusted upon installation to match the required dwelling flow rates. The two volt free contacts on the controller also allow for local, zone control via optional motion sensors or humidity sensors.

The ease of removal of the washable EU3 supply and extract filters is a feature of the design by simply removing the front cover and withdrawing the filter retaining plugs. Higher efficiency filters are available for more demanding light commercial applications such as surgeries and treatment rooms.

Being produced from a durable, high density composite material results in an extremely lightweight design which means mounting the unit on a wall or in a cupboard is simplicity itself as the unit separates in half to facilitate a "first fix" installation.

A standard two year warranty is upgradeable to three years by registering the product on-line.

Compatible with traditional ducting systems, Duplexvent are particularly suitable for use with Airflow's Airflex Pro "zero leakage" ducting which ensures that the benefits of heat recovery are not frittered away with a poor quality ductwork installation.


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