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Power support company, shentongroup, has a range of standby diesel generators and associated control systems that meets the life safety requirements of BS EN8519: 2010.

Called PhoenixPower, generators are available in sizes from 20kVA to 800kVA and have been specifically developed to provide secondary power for ‘Life Safety’ and fire-fighting systems.

As buildings have evolved to become taller, larger and ever more complex, it has been necessary to develop new fire-engineered solutions in case of fire and other life-threatening events. These solutions are required to provide a high level of performance to protect life in the event of fire, especially the emergency services which are at even greater risk if such systems fail.  BS EN8519 provides guidance and recommendations on the selection and installation of fire resistant power and control cable systems for ‘Life Safety’ events.

shentongroup’s PhoenixPower range differs from ‘normal’ standby power solutions by being specifically designed to meet BS EN8519. Switching the supply from the mains power to the PhoenixPower generator or secondary mains supply is carried out automatically by shentongroup’s PhoenixControl changeover panel, which is designed for dual mains sources and meets the new standard.

The PhoenixControl changeover panel detects a ‘Life Safety’ event and automatically switches the power source from the normal mains power the to the PhoenixPower generator or the secondary mains supply to ensure continuity of supply to fire fighting lifts and other essential equipment. Electrically and mechanically interlocked to ensure the isolation of the two supplies, the PhoenixControl has indicators to show the supply and switching status to the generator as well as a key switch to facilitate testing.

PhoenixPower is another innovation from shentongroup that simply and easily enables design consultants, contractors and fire engineers to ensure best practice in meeting BS EN8519 sections 6, 7 and 9.  Expertly engineered, the PhoenixPower range is backed by shentongroup’s Powercare generator service package.  

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