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Hellermanntyton’s New Q-Series Saves Time and Money

The cable tie range, Q-ties, incorporates a completely new and innovatively designed open head, providing quick and easy fastening even in difficult installations. The ergonomically designed tail with its easy-grip tab slides simply into the head and tightens to secure the cable tie in place.

The ease of fastening is ideal for installations where gloves are required or for blind applications where users have a limited view of the working environment, therefore significantly improving operational efficiency. The Q-tie also includes a brand new pre-locking function, allowing ties to be temporarily fastened to hold bundles prior to being installed in their final position. The Q-tie product range is available in a range of colours and materials, including UV-resistant and heat stabilised polyamide, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

The cable tie mounts, Q-mounts, are an ideal complement to the Q-ties. The mounts are available for self-adhesive or screw fixing applications and allow both a four-way and two-way fixing of the Q-ties to various surface types. Available in a range of sizes, the Q-mounts fit perfectly with the Q-tie products to ensure ties are securely held in place across a range of environments and installations.

Completing the Q-series range are the Q-tags. Designed to identify cables and cable bundles, the tags attach seamlessly to the cable tie to provide a seamlessly integrated solution. The versatile tags can either be marked by hand with a marker pen or with a printed adhesive label, whilst the flagged orientation ensures that text is easily visible and readable. Used in conjunction with Q-ties and Q-mounts, the new Q-tags ensure that cables and cable bundles are quickly secured and identifiable whatever the application, providing a complete fixing solution.

Richard Rands, product manager at HellermannTyton, said: “Increasingly time is money for today’s electrician and contractor and any product, device or initiative that helps keep time on site to a minimum, particularly when working in tight or awkward situations, has to be worthwhile.

“Developing products that are both efficient to use and that save time and money is an area we have been dedicating a lot of R&D effort and money to. The feedback so far is that the Q-series product range has been very well received within the market, enabling electricians to work better and more efficiently.”

The full range of Q-series products are halogen free and RoHS compliant, demonstrating their suitability for a variety of applications and uses.