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Megger Has The Right Kit For Installation Testing!

Megger MTK330 kitFor electrical contractors who prefer to use separate instruments rather than a multifunction tester for installation testing, Megger is now offering three convenient and comprehensive test kits.

Each kit comprises three instruments – an insulation and continuity tester, an earth loop tester and an RCD tester – and a full set of test leads, all housed in a robust attractively styled fitted carrying case. The kits are supplied complete with batteries and calibration certificates, and are therefore ready for immediate use.

Between them, the instruments in each kit provide all of the functions needed to test low voltage electrical installations in line with the 17th Edition of the IET Wiring Regulations. All of the instruments included in the kits feature robust rubber armoured construction, large easy-to-read displays and straightforward operation with clearly marked selector switches and buttons.

The entry level MTK310 test kit includes an MIT310 insulation and continuity tester that offers insulation testing at 250 V and 500 V, an LTW315 earth loop tester that offers two-wire non-tripping and fast two-wire high current loop testing with PFC indication up to 20 kA, and an RCDT310 RCD tester that is compatible with the most commonly used types of RCD, including selective and dc types.

The MKT320 advanced electrical test kit includes the MIT320 insulation and continuity tester that adds user-adjustable limit alarms and 1,000 V insulation testing, the LTW325 earth loop tester with R1+R2 and MaxZ measurement, and the RCDT320 RCD tester with a timesaving automatic test option and programmable RCD testing capabilities.

At the top of the range is the MTK330 kit, which includes instruments that have similar measuring facilities to those in the MTK320 advanced kit, but additionally feature facilities for storing test results internally and for subsequently downloading them to a PC.

All of Megger’s MTK test kits are designed and manufactured at their UK headquarters in Dover, and are supplied as standard with a twelve-month warranty, which can be upgraded free of charge to three years simply be registering the instruments.


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