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2012 Consultation on Changes to Part P the Electrical Safety - Dwellings

part p consultation documentThe department of Communities and Local Government have just published the 2012 consultation paper that sets out detailed proposals on Part P (Section three of four), relating to the 2012 Building Regulations consultation exercise. It includes proposals to reduce the cost associated with the provisions governing electrical safety in the home whilst not undermining safety benefits.

This section of the consultation is aimed primarily at the firms, individuals and their representative bodies within construction and construction-related industries who are involved with electrical installation work in dwellings, and the building control bodies that enable the building control system to operate.

Options for amending Part P in 2013
The overall aim of the Part P 2013 review is to establish what is the most cost effective way to control electrical installation work in the home, taking account of health and safety concerns. We have examined three options for amending Part P in 2013, and in the consultation stage Impact Assessment6 the costs and benefits associated with each one:

(a) Leave Part P unchanged
(b) Revoke Part P
(c) Amend Part P to reduce the costs and burdens it imposes on installers, building control bodies and consumers.

6 The Part P Impact Assessment that accompanies this consultation document


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