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British Standard BS EN IEC 60895 Live working. Conductive Clothing Updated

BS EN IEC 60895BS EN IEC 60895
Live working. Conductive clothing

Publication Date:18 June 2020

Replaces : BS EN 60895:2003

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IEC 60895:2020 is applicable to conductive clothing, worn during live working (especially bare-hand working) on AC and DC electrical installations, to provide electrical continuity between all parts of the clothing and a reduction of electric field inside the clothing. This document is applicable to conductive clothing assembled from a conductive garment (jackets and trousers or coveralls forming a one-piece garment) and from conductive component parts (gloves, hoods or helmets, shoes or boots, overshoe socks and socks) in electrical systems with nominal voltage up to 1 000 kV AC and up to ±800 kV DC.