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Total Control With Momit - Enhancing The Way Your Living Space Communicates

momitMuch in the same way that smartphones have come to enhance the way we communicate, the world of connected home technology is all about enhancing the way your living space communicates.

momit has been designed to change how we use our thermostat, with an immediate focus on efficiency, safety, ease of use and, more importantly, financial and energy savings. With momit, the control is totally yours, offering maximum comfort with the opportunity to monitor your monthly energy expenditure and control the temperature from any mobile device or smart phone.

momit lets you turn your heating on and off from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. You can also raise and lower the temperature and make other settings through the app or website. Apps are available for iOS and Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry. It can also control air conditioning systems for both heating and cooling.

momit’s ingenious ‘My Budget’ feature is a learning algorithm which will figure out how long your home takes to heat and cool, as well as the effects of radiant heat (when it’s sunny, for example) and when you cook (as cooking increases building temperatures). This enables the boiler to be fired up in advance in order to hit the desired temperature by the start of the heating period and then allows the building to be kept at a consistent heat level.

Other useful features of momit include temperature adjustment which lets you adjust the temperature shown on the display (which is the ambient temperature) to either calibrate it against another thermometer which has a different reading, or simply because you want to. Momit’s Geolocation feature means that the Home Thermostat turns the boiler on or off based on your location so you can enjoy the perfect temperature when you get home.

One example is to make it appear hotter than it really is to prevent family members from turning up the heating too high. You can set +/-9 degrees, so you can force the display to read 22 degrees C even when the real measured temperature is 20 degrees.

The Hysteresis setting lets you decide when the heating should kick in. By default, it’s 0.5 degrees: i.e. the boiler won’t fire up if the measured temperature is within 0.4 degrees (or less) of the set temperature, you can adjust this.

The thermostat itself displays temperature to the nearest tenth of a degree, and you can adjust the temperature in 0.1 increments by holding down the + or – button to quickly increase or decrease the temperature. The main screen shows current temperature, options to increase or decrease the set temperature and 'device control' which lets you switch between scheduled and manual modes, or turn the system off.

momit learns your daily habits to optimise energy savings, remembering your input and eventually start making changes for you. It learns about your home – such as how long it takes to warm up and how draughty it is and also learns about your heating system and how to make it even more efficient. The algorithms are constantly learning, automatically updating, and balancing comfort and energy savings. Having momit in your home means you are both saving money by reducing energy usage and effectively make your thermostat something that already knows what you want and acts on your behalf.


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