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Trace Heating Design Becomes Even Easier With Pentair's TraceCalc Pro For Buildings

Pentair Design toolboxPentair has launched a new online Trace heating system design tool for its range of Raychem pipe freeze protection, flow maintenance and hot water temperature systems.

TraceCalc Pro For Buildings is an innovative platform which allows for multi-segment and multi-circuit heat tracing system design by engineers, specialist installers, and designers. It is also compatible with desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Requiring menu-driven data input and with no software to download, the platform is fast and features an easy-to use interface, providing useful product and electrical design information. This, coupled with a full design project overview, significantly optimises system design while verifying performance. The three-step procedure enables users to select the heat-tracing application, enter critical design data and finally, generate various system reports including Bill of Materials (BoM) circuit-by-circuit detail and datasheet library. Users can also request a quotation and save projects for future use and future iteration – all in one private workspace.

Pentair Publication“We have worked closely with our customers to identify key needs for heat-tracing design tools that are responsive and enable a full project overview,” comments Patrick Hendrickx, Product Manager Europe. “Raychem TraceCalc Pro For Buildings includes multi-circuit and multi-segment design, ensuring the solutions we develop are easy-to-design as well as to install. TraceCalc Pro gives our customers the confidence they have selected the optimal solution for their project.”

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