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Vent-Axia Launches Jet Dry Plus Hand Dryer

Jet Dry Plus hand-dryerVent-Axia, the Sussex-based leader in hevac technology, has launched the Jet Dry Plus hand-dryer. Designed with the needs of specifiers in mind it is one of the quickest hand dryers on the market with a 10-second dry time, while offering highly effective hygiene, low maintenance and astonishingly quiet operation at only 75dBA.

Designed to provide a cost-effective alternative to conventional hand dryers and paper towels, the innovative Jet Dry Plus has been developed with speed in mind. One of the quickest hand dryers on the market the Vent-Axia Jet Dry Plus boasts a 10-second dry time due to its use of the latest twin jet style drying technology.

Ticking all the right boxes in hygiene the Jet Dry Plus features a 99.9% HEPA filter, UV sterilisation and an antibacterial coating. This enables the JetDry Plus to hygienically dry hands and helps to protect users against harmful bacteria. In addition, the JetDry Plus features a removable drip tray which removes water from the drying zone, reducing spray during use and helping keep the washroom hygienic and free from waste water.

Featuring a long life brushless Lo-Carbon DC 750W-2050W motor, Vent-Axia’s JetDry Plus provides quiet, efficient drying; offering up to 82% energy saving when compared to conventional dryers. It is also one of the quietest fast hand dryers available at just 75 dBA at 1 metre.

Vent-Axia’s Jet Dry Plus not only dries hands quickly, thus reducing washroom time, but also dries them comfortably. The Jet Dry Plus is fitted with an adjustable heater element of 900-1300W which automatically shuts off if the room temperature reaches 25°C, thus making it environmentally friendly and cheaper to run. In addition, the Jet Dry Plus is designed with a blue LED dry zone indicator to help with hand positioning, thus ensuring the dryer is used effectively and efficiently.

“Our new Jet Dry Plus hand dryer ticks all the right boxes for specifiers offering energy efficient, hygienic, fast hand-drying and quiet operation. Not only that but it is competitively priced making it a cost-effective alternative to conventional hand dryers and paper towels,” explains Tom Emson, Product Marketing Manager at Vent-Axia.

Meanwhile, the compact dimensions of the Jet Dry Plus (300 x 700 x 225mm) make it is easy to install in restricted spaces. Easy to maintain and service, and weighing in at just 9.5kg, the Jet Dry Plus is IPX4 rated which also adds to the installation versatility.

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