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Another Inventive Design from Fläkt Woods

Fläkt Woods has introduced Optimix – a pioneering ‘active’ room diffuser that considerably improves the performance of demand controlled ventilation systems, maintains excellent comfort levels for occupants and can also achieve greater than 100W/m2 cooling effect.

Officially launched at Ecobuild 2013, the unit features an integral motorised regulating plate, which adjusts vertically to control the flow rate and ensure a constant air throw that is easily set using the purpose designed Fläkt Woods actuator with LCD display.

In conditions when a higher ventilation rate is required, e.g. when occupant levels increase, the air slot is made bigger and the air discharge velocity is automatically decreased. This allows the unit to deliver a pattern of airflow that is independent of air volume, which significantly reduces draughts and noise.

Should the system need adjusting for changes in room size/layout, Optimix is designed to be highly adaptable by impeding air flow from specific sections of the actuating plate. Plus, air throw distance can also be relayed to a digital display or even onto a BMS to allow easy remote adjustment of the units.

For ease of installation in both new build and retrofit applications, Optimix diffusers are designed to fit within standard suspended ceiling panels – perfect for a variety of commercial applications including offices, schools and hospitals.

Commenting on the new unit, Duncan Goodall, Green Agenda Sales Manager said: “At Fläkt Woods, we’re always looking to design new ventilation products that help solve a common problem, and in the case of the Optimix, the issue of cold drafts in commercial buildings is a well-known one.

“Traditionally room diffusers have been unreliable when it comes to air distribution, so by utilising our CFD modelling, we’ve ensured the Optimix completely eliminates any concerns in this area. And we’re sure that this type of unit will become ever-more popular with architects, specifiers and building engineers

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