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DECC Microgeneration Strategy Plan 2011

DECC Microgeneration Strategy Plan 2011
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01 July 2011
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DECC Microgeneration Strategy

Our Strategy for the Microgeneration sector is built on two core principles:

As the microgeneration sector develops, the Government is providing financial incentives to support the growth of local small-scale renewable energy generation. In time, this support will be reduced as the sector achieves critical mass and innovation drives down costs. For small-scale electricity, the financial incentive is provided by the Feed-in Tariff, and for heat by the Renewable Heat Incentive which currently covers commercial and multiple heat installations. The Renewable Heat Incentive will cover domestic heat from 2012. Ahead of its expansion to the domestic sector, the Government is also providing £15 million of support through Renewable Heat Premium Payments.

Financial incentives alone will not guarantee the growth in small-scale onsite renewable and low carbon energy, because there are also a number of non-financial barriers facing the sector. Government, the industry and consumers need to continue to work together to identify these barriers and find ways of addressing them. The onus is on the industry itself to make the most of the opportunities presented by the financial incentives. This will require improvements in quality, performance alongside the drive for cost reductions. The Government’s role is to streamline regulation while ensuring that consumers continue to be robustly protected.
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