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Free Fluke Voltage Detector Offers

Fluke offerFluke UK is offering, until 28th June 2014, a free voltage detector with one of three specific true-rms tester purchases.

Following the purchase, within the offer period, of a Fluke 115 compact, general purpose Multimeter, or a Fluke 117 Electrician’s Multimeter, or a Fluke 365 detachable-jaw, AC/DC Clamp Meter, the purchaser can claim a free Fluke 2AC VoltAlert Voltage Detector by registering on the Fluke UK web site. More information can be found at www.fluke.co.uk/Fluke-Specials

The Fluke 2AC VoltAlert™ is a pocket-sized, non- contact voltage tester, conforming to Cat IV 1000V safety regulations, which tests for energised circuits and defective grounds. The tip of the pocket-sized tester will glow red when within close proximity of an outlet, terminal strip, or power lead where voltage is present. It offers voltage detection from 200V to 1000 V AC, suitable for a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial needs. An innovative ‘Battery Check’ button function ensures battery is in good condition, while Fluke ruggedness and reliability is backed by a two-year warranty.

The compact Fluke 115 true-rms multimeter, with a CAT III 600V safety rating, is an ideal meter for a wide variety of electrical and electronic testing applications. It measures DC and AC voltages to 600V and captures Min/Max/Avg readings, as well as measuring resistance, frequency and capacitance, and tests continuity.

The true-rms Fluke 117 Electricians’ Multimeter features a large digit, easy-to-read, backlit display, which is particularly useful in poorly lit surroundings. It enables ergonomic, one-handed operation and has a CAT III 600 V safety rating. Its Auto-Volt detection function eliminates guesswork by selecting AC/DC voltage automatically, and a low impedance input function helps prevent false readings due to ghost (stray) voltages. It will also measure current, resistance, continuity, frequency, capacitance and diode test, as well as offering Min/Max/Average and Display Hold functions.

The true-rms Fluke 365 Clamp Meter features a large, easy-to-read, backlit display, and is perfect for jobs where access to wires is difficult. The thin, small jaw is detachable with a flexible lead, which makes gaining access to wires and viewing the display easier than ever. It measures up to 200A AC/DC with the detachable jaw, and provides voltage measurement up to 600V AC/DC. State of the art signal processing enables its use in noisy electrical environments while providing stable readings. It automatically sets the correct measurement range thus avoiding the need to change switch positions while taking a measurement. A built-in flashlight/torch allows for illumination and easy identification of the correct wires for measurement.

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