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Fluke Academy Motors & Drives Seminar in February

fluke motor and drives seminarsThe content of this seminar is aimed at helping maintenance technicians (electromechanical technicians, electricians) become more effective at troubleshooting motors and motor drives, and ultimately helping reduce downtime and save on costly repair bills.

At the completion of the training the technician should be able to make those critical decisions in order to quickly isolate a fault down to a component level, facilitating a quick and cost effective repair. He will also be able to diagnose if a problem is simply a component failure, installation problem or potentially an application performance issue.

The seminar starts with the basic theory of operation of key elements within a motor control system, a safety overview, as well as an overview of the typical fault conditions in a motor system. The seminar covers the key measurements and troubleshooting techniques divided in three segments by measurement points: the Drive Input, the Drive and Drive Output and the Motor and Drive Train . For each of these fault conditions the seminar goes into details of the appropriate measurement theory, measurement techniques and basics of interpreting the results as well as what the overall benefits of these techniques are. We conclude each segment with relevant Case Studies, Discussions, Quizzes and Hands-on exercises with fundamental tools that will contribute to the learning experience.

    Demo Unit Electrical Measurement Points
    Quick overview of the demonstration system
    Module B- Drive Input Hands-on Exercises
    Simulate Drive Control Signal
    Simulate 4 - 20 mA control signal
    Simulate 0 – 10 V control Signal
    Drive Input Measurements using Fluke-435
    Basic Voltage Measurements
    Harmonics Measurement
    Inrush Current Capture
    Power and Energy
    Module C- Drive and Output Hands-on Exercises
    Drive Measurements using Fluke 190-204 ScopeMeter
    Drive output PWM Signal capture
    PWM Signal Output Level
    PWM Peak Voltage Measurement
    Looking at PWM Signal details
    Drive output current measurement
    Drive output Volts per Hertz Measurement
    Drive output Volts per Hertz TrendPlot™

    Module D – Motor and Drive Train Hands-on Exercises

    Drive measurement using a DMM & Clamp
    Motor Load
    Motor Single Phasing – Current Measurements

Motor Drive Train Vibration Testing

When: 21-02-2012
Location: Leeds
Time:  09:00 - 16:00
Register here for Leeds

When: 23-02-2012
Location: London, Canary Wharf area
Time: 09:00 - 16:00
Register here for London

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