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12 Things To Consider Before Buying An Infrared Camera Guide From FLIR

FLIR before you buy guideAlthough thermal imaging has never been more affordable it is still important for those investing in infrared to be certain they are getting the best value for money by choosing a camera model that will serve them well over time.  

While dynamic development continues to extend the application potential of thermography, it also presents the purchaser with a lot of choices which can be daunting.  The range now extends from pocket-sized models, to low cost point-and-shoot troubleshooting cameras and through the high end models with every function necessary for the professional thermographer.  

To help those investing in infrared to assess the best model to meet their needs, technology leader, FLIR Systems has published a short but comprehensive handbook ‘12 Things to Consider Before Buying an Infrared Camera’.  

First and foremost it is a technical guide that explains, for example, why it is important to buy a model with the highest detector resolution and image quality the budget can afford.  It also explains the criteria that dictate the accuracy and repeatability of results and the value of buying a camera which stores and outputs standard file formats.

Indeed this publication takes the reader through every factor that should influence camera choice whether it is destined for industrial preventative maintenance applications, electrical fault finding or building inspection.  It emphasises the importance of thinking beyond current needs to ensure the chosen camera can be applied to a wide range of tasks to maximise its value to the business.

This new guide for investing in infrared is available as a hard copy from FLIR Systems and its network of distributors or can be downloaded as a PDF from

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