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FLIR Systems Announces New T-Series Cameras with UltraMax™ Resolution

FLIR T660 with UltraMax™ ZoomFLIR Systems announced the addition of exciting new features and capabilities for its popular T-Series family of premium thermal cameras, as well as two new members of that family, the T460 and the T660.

FLIR T-Series cameras now feature UltraMax™, a unique image processing feature that significantly improves the IR resolution and sensitivity of the cameras.  UltraMax™ images have four times the thermal pixels, twice the resolution, and 50% greater sensitivity than standard unprocessed images. Images are viewed and processed in FLIR Tools software for PC’s.  UltraMax™ images allow users to zoom in on smaller heat anomalies, get more accurate measurements and see more detail than with previous un-processed images.

Select FLIR T-Series cameras also now come with improved thermal sensitivity – as low as 20mK – and improved temperature measurement accuracy.

The new T460 and the T660 include all of these features plus temperature ranges expanded to 2000°C, continuous auto-focus, and onboard recording of real-time radiometric video files.  Data can be played back and analyzed in FLIR Tools and FLIR Tools+ software so thermal changes over time can be studied in detail.

“As the world leader in thermography cameras, FLIR is committed to continually pushing the boundaries of the state of the art, and these new cameras do just that,” said Andy Teich, President and CEO of FLIR. “FLIR T-Series cameras have been the most popular line of premium cameras in the world for many years, and these new features will enable thermographers to see more, get better results and work faster than ever before.”

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