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Another Big Boost for Energy Saving from Timeguard

FBT4 Fused SpurWith energy bills inevitably increasing year on year, safety and energy efficiency are at the top of any homeowner, landlord or employer’s mind.

By  combining a new design 13A fused spur with a Boost timer that automatically turns appliances off after a pre-set time, Timeguard has provided an ideal solution. All encased within a single gang F.C.U and fitting within a 25mm back box, the Fused Boost Timer is designed for easy installation and easy use.

The Fused Boost Timer provides easy to select / easy to use timed output. Users simply press one button to select how long they want the power for: 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour or two hours, and then the device counts down and switches off. Pushing the boost button again will refresh the timed output. There’s no danger of leaving appliances such as heaters, fans or towel rails switched on for hours on end.

The Timeguard FBT4, which is fully guaranteed, also has a 2-pole 13A override switch and a fuse carrier so that the mains can be isolated for servicing or repair.

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