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Voltis PRO Taps Into High Performance VO Market

Voltis PROEnergy saving specialist Marshall-Tufflex is reaping the rewards of its continued investment in the voltage optimisation market, with its high-performance Voltis PRO system notching up a number of high profile installations.

Voltis PRO units (100A, 200A, 300A, 400A) feature automatic neutral-switching, bypass, intelligent control, visual display plus optional remote monitoring – but with the important addition of multi-tap transformers, allowing installers to select the most appropriate tapping on site.

This high tech approach, combined with easy-to-install features (multi-tapping, smaller, lighter) have made it a firm favourite with specifiers working within the energy management sector. Installations have included aircraft hangers used for maintenance, shopping centres, offices and multi-occupancy accommodation.

Voltis PRO has three pre-programmed tapping settings (for Mains at 245Volts or above, at 240Volts or at 235Volts), with the voltage being dropped by 10%, 8% and 6% respectively. For incoming Mains of 240Volts and above savings of 10-20% are achievable, depending upon site demands and incoming power profile. Multi-tap transformers also offer customers greater in-use flexibility because tapping settings can be changed at any time if mains voltage levels change significantly.

The Voltis PRO units are built with premium quality branded components and have improved control software to provide enhanced reliability and performance and reduce installation time and costs. They have limited moving parts and can provide extensive performance data via an integral meter. Installation is between the Mains incomer and distribution board.

“These units can optimise a wide range of incoming Mains voltage levels,” said Jeremy Dodge, Head of Marketing & Technical Services. “The specification process is simple and installations are future proofed by allowing tapping settings to be changed as required. Our automatic bypass delivers peace of mind and improved efficiency. The optimiser will only work when it needs to (saving power on its own operation) and if the supply voltage exceeds acceptable parameters Voltis PRO protects power to site by switching to Mains until supply returns to an acceptable level. Intelligent operation further enhances performance by automatically adjusting to supply/demand changes to maximise savings.”

Marshall-Tufflex produces a range of commercial/industrial voltage optimisation systems including Voltis ECO (a multi-tapping entry level model) and other energy management solutions including Sinergy sub-metering units, Power Factor Correction and Commercial Boiler Managers

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