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MK is Ahead of the Game with New Metal Consumer Units

Consumer unitMK Electric offers insulated and metal consumer units that are fully compliant with BS 7671

MK Electric, now offers a full range of insulated and metal consumer units, from 4 to 21 module units, that are fully compliant with BS 7671 (2015), including Amendment 3 (effective July 2015). The regulation 421.1.201 notes all installers and contractors must be compliant by 1 January 2016.

The new units have a stronger, more robust design with a top hinged door that prevents the door being left open after use, which could lead to a possible fire risk. The units also include sealed side holes to ensure total containment, reducing the available space for fire to escape.
The new range incorporates features to aid in ease of installation, saving both time and money. They include tripod fixing holes to balance out the effects of uneven walls and metal boards that are 10mm taller for additional wiring space.

Additional benefits of the new insulated and metal consumer units include:
•    The incorporation of a supporting Din Rail “T” Bar to support the weight of devices on the DIN rail without twisting or bowing
•    Three additional extra large feed holes for greater flexibility of wiring, especially in retrofit installations
•    Easy to remove round knock outs which are situated on all sides of the enclosure
•    Continual earthing – you only need to earth once via the base (door is earthed through the hinges)

“In recent months the London Fire Brigade has found that fires involving consumer units have increased to approximately five incidents each week. Additionally, BEAMA has also found the primary root-cause of fires in consumer units is down to loose connections,” said Nadine Deery, Channel Marketing Manager, MK Electric.

“To address this issue, in coordination with the Wiring Regulations BS 7671, including Amendment 3, MK Electric is introducing a range of metal consumer units by replacing flammable material with metal enclosures to reduce the risk of fires in the occurrence of loose wiring connections. We are committed to consumer safety and are taking necessary steps to educate contractors and installers on what this change will mean for them and their customers”.

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