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ELLIS Know-How Secures Gulf Of Martaban Specification

Zawtika Development ProjectThe expertise of North Yorkshire manufacturer, Ellis has helped secure a specification for its Emperor cable cleats to be installed in the central processing and living quarter platforms of the Zawtika Development Project off the coast of Myanmar.

The $2bn offshore gas project, which is being developed by Petroleum Authority of Thailand Exploration and Production International (PTTEP) and Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE), is due to come on stream later this year, with output estimated at 300million cubic feet per day.

The specification was secured for Ellis by its Singapore distributor, Cables International. The company has been working with Rillington-based Ellis since 2003 and frequently highlights its industry expertise in order to create demand for its UK designed and manufactured products.

Tony Conroy, Ellis’ export sales director, said: “As with a number of our distributors, Cables International makes a great deal of the fact that all Ellis cleats are short circuit tested prior to coming to market. When the benefits of this are shown in direct comparison to the dangers of installing untested and underspecified products the choice to specify Ellis often becomes a relatively easy one.”

EMPEROR Trefoil cable cleatEllis’ cable cleats are designed and manufactured to secure electrical cables in a manner that can withstand the forces generated by the cables, including those generated during a short circuit fault. The company is often quoted as saying that all an underspecified cleat will do in a short circuit situation is add to the potentially lethal shrapnel.

The company’s Emperor cleats provide ultimate corrosion protection, even in the harshest of environments, are quick and easy to install, and feature an integral LSF zero halogen polymeric liner and base pad that protects and cushions cables during short circuit conditions.

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