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ELLIS Educates with CPD Cleat Course

Ellis Patents has underlined its commitment to continue educating the industry as to the importance of cable cleats by becoming an accredited CPD course provider.

The course, entitled Cable cleats: a device for short circuit protection, was certified by the Continuing Personal or Professional Development Certification Service during the summer and has already been delivered to four organisations – including an oil company, a defence contractor and a national electrical contractor.

Richard Shaw, managing director of the North Yorkshire based cable cleat manufacturer, said: “The role of cable cleats is something that is still not properly understood and helping to rectify this is something we’ve been working towards for a number of years.”

“This CPD course adds another important level to an on-going process that is slowly building towards cleats gaining full recognition as short circuit protection devices.”

The seminar / presentation, which can be given either at Ellis Patents HQ in Rillington, North Yorkshire or taken directly to a client, provides a comprehensive overview of the appropriate technical standards relating to cable cleats and their use in securing insulated power cables. It also explains the forces that occur between power cables during a short circuit episode, and is aimed at providing the level of knowledge needed to correctly specify cable cleats.

“All an underspecified cleat will do in a short circuit situation is add to the shrapnel,” added Richard. “This highly dangerous, and potentially life threatening scenario can be avoided by installing correctly specified cleats, something that clearly shows the benefits our CPD course offers.”

For further information on Ellis Patents and its CPD courses visit www.ellispatents.co.uk or call 01944 758395.


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