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REHAU demonstrated its willingness and capacity to supply bespoke trunking products in even small quantities at the new build BSF Alexandra High School in Tipton, West Midlands.

The UK based company responded to the requirement from main contractors Interserve for a variety of bespoke bench trunking pods in the new classrooms, science laboratories and other teaching areas throughout the school.

The specialist design team at REHAU worked closely with Interserve to supply cable management pods which were specially fabricated with varying socket requirements and which could be mounted on a range of different furniture and benches.

REHAU won the business in preference to the furniture manufacturer which could only offer products from its standard range.

Malcolm Taylor, Group Sales and Marketing Manager for REHAU’s Electrical and Cable Management Division, said: “REHAU has proven that it has the design expertise and manufacturing resource at its UK factories to deliver bespoke products like these quickly and very cost effectively.

“Crucially, we do not impose large order quantities so customers are increasingly choosing our bespoke solutions rather than compromising an installation with a standard piece of trunking which doesn’t quite satisfy the design requirements or with a modification which risks time delays and snagging issues.”

At Alexandra High School, the bespoke pods were supplied and installed just like standard products and fitted neatly alongside REHAU’s standard PROFILA data dado and Bench trunking systems.

Interserve has used REHAU trunking extensively on previous Building Schools for the Future projects, including in five schools in Bromsgrove and in the newly built Sandwell College.

The company chose REHAU because of the long term performance and durability of the products, because of the support offered by REHAU’s sales and design teams and of course because of the competitive price.

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