Mylight Bed Light - A Warm Soft Glow Of Light, Where You Need It, When You Need It!

mylight2mylight from E3 Light Group is a series of innovative LED lighting products that have been designed to enhance lifestyle by delivering comfort and safety in your home.

The mylight bed light will certainly give your room a distinctive professional design as well as the practicality, comfort and safety of having your floor illuminated as soon as you get out of bed.

What makes bed light great is its smart motion sensor which detects both light and movement, providing a warm soft glow of light when and where it is needed, in just the right quantity. Mylight’s motion activated illumination is helpful for anyone who has to get up in the night, illuminating the floor as soon as you get out of bed thus providing a safe haven in the bedroom. In fact, getting out of bed has never been so enjoyable!

The mylight bed light is simple and quick to install without the use of tools and is supplied with a light and movement sensor, two 1.5m LED strips, a power supply and cable clips to ensure that cables are neatly tucked away.


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