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Scratch and Win with Crompton Lamps

Scratch and Win with Crompton lampsCrompton Lamps is now stocking a full range of Camelion batteries and to celebrate the company is launching a special promotion giving lucky wholesalers the chance to win an iPad.

With every order for £50 placed by a wholesaler between 1 June and 31 July the wholesaler will receive a scratc hcard giving them the opportunity to win one of ten iPads.

Nick Smith, Sales & Marketing Manager for Crompton Lamps says: “We are delighted to be able to offer the full range of Camelion products which independent tests have proven to be comparable with other leading brands. Batteries provide a great revenue stream for wholesalers as a result of impulse purchases at the trade counter so this promotion provides a great opportunity to stock up.”

The full range of Camelion products includes the popular AA and AAA batteries which are available for a variety of different uses. Nick says: “It is important that wholesalers sell the right type of batteries to ensure that their customers get the best results and the Camelion range covers every eventuality.”

The Camelion range of AA and AAA products include a lithium battery which provides exceptional performance for high drain devices such as digital cameras, music players, flashlights and PDAs while the Digi Alkalinebatteries are a perfect single use battery. The Plus Alkaline range is the right choice for instant power as they are built to instantly start up high drain devices and have a long shelf life.

Crompton Lamps will also be offering the full range of rechargeable products which are ready to use straight from the box and will hold their charge for up to one year. In addition there is a full range of chargers which are specially designed to maximise battery performance and can fast charge in as little as 15 minutes.

Nick says: “As well as the popular AA and AAA ranges we also now stock a full range of other batteries including micro button cell batteries and alkaline cell batteries. By placing an order for £50 wholesalers can keep their customers happy and be in with a chance to win an iPad.”

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