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It’s a Classic – Wieland’s gesis RST CLASSIC Socket

gesis® RST® CLASSIC socketWieland has added the gesis® RST® CLASSIC socket to its gesis® RST CLASSIC Series, for use with 2- to 5-pole female RST® connectors.

This means that the gesis® RST® concept can be used throughout an installation by means of the CLASSIC socket, from the power source up to the final device.

The mechanical lock of the RST® CLASSIC ensures the safe connection of plug and socket, which can be unlocked with a screwdriver.  The mechanical coding of the gesis® RST® connector system prevents mismatching of different power circuits with every interface assigned to a specific application with a defined color code. Male and female contacts are always touch-proof, even when unplugged.

With its standard socket design, the RST® CLASSIC socket can be mounted on wall-mounted outlet boxes with a depth of 60cm, making them ideal for use in domestic installations or construction and office containers, mini solar systems and control cabinets. The system also combines an outdoor socket with a hinged lid that allows for easy weather-proof, exterior installations, particularly with its IP44 rating.


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