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Wieland Launch New Assembly Frames for GST18i3 Connectors

GST18i3 connectorWieland Electric has added a new assembly frame with integrated locking to its popular GST18i3 range of 3 pole re-wireable connectors.

This will allow shop fitters and office furniture manufacturers to install a shock-protected GST18 “outlet” in their furniture with relative ease. Designed for use in shelves, cash register stands and desks, Wieland’s GST18i3 provides an innovative solution for all types of furniture requiring an energy supply, combining all the advantages of a connector and panel mount connector.

The GST18i3 assembly frame can be integrated within the sides of furniture, allowing direct connection to the GST connector system, rather than a conventional panel mounted socket which has to be hard-wired and earth bonded. The new frame can accommodate all commercially available GST18i3 connectors, from screw clamp connections, spring-loaded terminations to pre-assembled cables. GST18i3 provides strain relief for the cable cores, and the interlocking of the connector is effected within the frame.

Moreover, the assembly frames for GST18i3 connectors can be installed in underfloor installations where they can replace or supplement conventional sockets, and their use can reduce installation time. The assembly frame for GST18i3 connectors can be installed in sheet metal 1.5 to 2.5 mm thick. Following installation, the connector can be plugged into the frame from the rear. Manual wiring, which is commonplace with snap-in connectors, is therefore unnecessary.

Using a mechanical coding arrangement so that male and female connectors can only be mated in one way, the gesis CON GST18i range ensures that all contacts are connected simultaneously, with the earth contact in advance. Furthermore, all conducting parts are protected against accidental touching, whether connected or disconnected.

The GST18i3 re-wireable connector is totally safe to use and easy to assemble utilising multi-head screws, with a unique built in strain relief that fits multiple cable sizes as well as the existing benefits of the GST18i range.  These include colour-coding as well as mechanical coding which ensures circuits cannot be connected accidentally.


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