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A Faster, Innovative Alternative to Insulated Butt Splices

SpliceLine in-line wire connectorIDEAL INDUSTRIES launches its new SpliceLine™ in-line wire connector, an innovative alternative to traditional butt splices that does not require time-consuming crimping, soldering or heat shrinking to create secure end-to-end connections.

Utilising patented push-in technology, the unique design provides a “Maintenance Free” connection that is 3X faster to install than traditional crimped butt splices. In addition, SpliceLine™ is precision-moulded from transparent polycarbonate that permits visual inspection of connections. There is also a check port for continuity testing. Thanks to the shell's ultra-slim profile, multiple connectors can easily and simultaneously pass through the 20 mm knockouts found in most electrical back boxes.

According to Tony Kumeta, General Manager at IDEAL, SpliceLine™ connectors make joining wires faster and much simpler: "Electricians are often confronted with an existing wire that has been cut too short by the previous contractor to safely install a socket, light switch or lighting fixture. In these situations it is often very difficult if not impossible to use a crimp tool due to space restrictions. With SpliceLine™ however, the short wire is simply pushed into one end of the connector with the extra length of wire being pushed into the other open end. It now takes less than 10 seconds to join two wires together”.

The 32 A/450 V rating, small size and tool-free application makes SpliceLine™ the obvious solution for connecting wires in a broad range of applications, including prefabricated wiring, lighting and ring main circuits. The 2-port model accepts up to 2.5 mm² solid conductors, allowing one connector to do the job of multiple butt splices.

Manufactured by IDEAL in the U.S.A., SpliceLine™ connectors are tested to EN 60998 safety standards making them fully compliant with the 17TH Edition Wiring Regulations (BS 7671: 2008). They are available in the UK through electrical wholesalers in quantities of 10, 100 or 300 connectors/