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New AC/DC Charging System for E-Mobility

Phoenix Contact ac/dc connectorWith the new Combined Charging System, Phoenix Contact offers a single device for charging electric vehicles with direct or alternating current.

The inlet’s universal plug face is the only charging connector required for AC and DC. The inlet is compatible with COMBO-2 and Type 2 connectors. The system therefore enables rapid charging with direct current while underway, or with alternating current. The plug is designed for voltages up to 850 V and currents up to 200 A. This design meets tomorrow’s requirements today. The patented grip design is ergonomic and supports plug-in and removal.

The system was developed together with five German automobile manufacturers: Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, BMW, and Mercedes. International automobile manufacturers also favor this system for their electric vehicles. With the new Combined Charging System, Phoenix Contact is expanding its product portfolio in the area of charging plugs for E-mobility.

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