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New Type 2 Charging Interface for Electric Mobility

AC charging plug connectors for electric vehiclesPhoenix Contact is expanding its product portfolio for electric mobility with its new AC charging plug connectors for electric vehicles.  The plug connector system meets the IEC 62196-2 standard. The connector is on the vehicle, while the plug is on the infrastructure side.

The charging plug supports both single-phase and three-phase alternative current charging with a current rating of up to 32 A and a nominal voltage of 480 V. In addition to its L1 – L3 power contacts, the seven-pole connector profile also offers two control contacts (PP and CP) for monitoring and controlling charge management.

Locking between the charging plug and vehicle provides the greatest possible security. High-quality materials and an ergonomic grip design offer comfort of use. Phoenix Contact therefore presents another important component for a complete e-mobility charging infrastructure.

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