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Cooper Safety Products Certified for Use in Russia

Cooper Safety Fire Systems, specialist manufacturer and supplier of fire systems solutions has received the latest GOST-R certificates for its CFDAU30 voice alarm and VoCALL fire telephone system.

The Cooper VoCALL fire telephones and DAU30 voice alarms are certified fire safety products for use in buildings within Russia. Both the products and manufacturing plant have been tested and audited for quality and design compliance.

Brian Walder, managing director of Cooper Safety Fire Systems, commented. “As a BRIC country, Russia represents a major growth potential and this certification allows Cooper Safety access to this market and the markets of former Soviet countries. It is also recognition of the quality of the products at the Doncaster manufacturing plant which were audited as part of the certification”.

The VoCALL fire telephone system is used in many prestigious locations around the world from the new Abu Dhabi Financial Centre on Suwwah Island, to the AELTCC Wimbledon tennis courts. The system provides secure emergency communications for fire and other emergency uses, while the CFDAU30 is used to replace bells and sirens with clear spoken messages to quickly and efficiently evacuate the public.

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