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Carlo Gavazzi’s New Weather Station Keeps One Weather Eye Open

SHOWEAGPS weather stationCarlo Gavazzi has launched the SHOWEAGPS weather station which continues to expand on the technology used in the smart-house environment. 

Whilst you can’t change the weather, you can use the information from the weather station to control your home.

This new weather station measures temperature, wind speed and brightness which utilises three separate sensors for east, south and west whilst the special filters recognise twilight and dawn.  Wind measurements are taken silently even through hail and sub-zero conditions and even turbulent air and anabatic winds can be recorded.

This new device provides you with numerous meteorological measurements in one single unit which is easily sent to your homes controller via the RS485.  This information can then be used to control the behaviour of your home ie. window blinds can be closed as a response to intense sunlight protecting you’re your furnishings from the effects of UV rays, perhaps a drop in temperature to below freezing may determine an increase of temperature within the home or an increase of wind speed could automatically close your exterior blinds and awnings.

The SHOWEAGPS is IP44 protected and has an operating temperature of -30°C to +50°C (-22° to 122°F) and includes a 1.2 watt heated precipitation sensor which excludes any false reporting as a result of fog or dew, drying quickly after precipitation has stopped.  The integrated GPS  receiver provides longitude and latitude data, as well as the position of the sun in azimuth and elevation measurements and carries CE marking and EMC EN 60730-1:2000-11+ A11:2002 approval.

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