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SB2WEB Dupline BACnet Gateway A Complete Solution For Building Automation

SBWEB BACnet GatewayCarlo Gavazzi has launched the SBWEB BACnet Gateway which links all field level devices, simplifies wiring and reduces the cost of Building Automation systems at the device level whilst providing BACnet interface capability.

Integration of a Dupline® network into the BMS environment is easily implemented.  Now installers can save money on installation costs by utilising the versatile Dupline®  2 wire bus network, with simple I/O devices; many of which are powered by the bus itself.  All these points can then be discovered by the BMS controller using BACnet.

Applications for Dupline® are generally where the I/O points are distributed over a wide area and are of low density.  HVAC, under floor heating, natural ventilation and alarm point monitoring are good examples, but there are also opportunities for reducing costs within lighting control and energy monitoring and control.

The SB2WEB can manage up to 7 Dupline® networks each managing more than 400 data points and includes a RS485 port for communicating with energy meters to make all the electrical parameters as BACNet objects.  

The Dupline® network is flexible, modular and fully expandable and requires no special cabling, a standard unshielded 16 AWG cable can be used up to 3 miles long, bus and power cables can be run next to each other without fear of interference.  The system can easily be expanded by adding the required modules and last minute changes are easily accommodated.

The SBWEB makes it freely compatible with new and existing building automation systems and eliminates the need for expensive home runs; saving you money on wiring and installation costs against traditional device to DDC solutions.

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