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Megger Makes Cable Fault Location Even Easier

fault locationFault finding on underground MV power cables is now easier than ever, thanks to the introduction of a new and enhanced version of Megger’s popular all-in-one EZ-THUMP™ cable fault location system.

Designed specifically to be readily transportable – it will fit into an average-sized car – and easy to operate, even for inexperienced users, the EZ-THUMP V2 is an ideal choice for first responders, but its extensive capabilities mean that it is also well suited to more demanding applications.

The EZ-THUMP V2 incorporates a single-stage capacitor surge discharge system that delivers 500 J at 12 kV. This is partnered by an integrated time-domain reflectometer (TDR), which facilitates pre-location of low-resistance faults and, by using the arc-reflection method (ARM), high-resistance faults. In addition, the EZ-THUMP V2 can be used in conjunction with an acoustic/electromagnetic receiver to pinpoint the precise location of faults. Sheath testing and sheath fault location are also supported.

Advanced safety features provided by the instrument include the F-OHM system that automatically checks that earth connections have been made correctly and inhibits testing if it detects a problem, and facilities for connecting external safety devices such as warning beacons and emergency stop pushbuttons.

All of the instrument’s functions are controlled with a single rotary knob, and the test results are shown on a high-brightness colour display that is easy to read even in bright sunlight. No settings at all are needed when the instrument is used in automatic mode – users simply connect the test set to the cable and switch it on. The cable end and the fault location are then automatically detected and displayed. More experienced users can access expert mode to optimise results in particularly challenging applications.

Light in weight and exceptionally compact, the EZ-THUMP V2 can be powered either from an AC mains supply or from its own internal rechargeable battery. These features mean that it can be used in any location, even where access is difficult and no mains supply is available. The internal battery is designed to have a long operating life but, when replacement eventually becomes necessary, this can be done in the field by the user.

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