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Signal Lines Of Up To 500 Meters On Cable Drums From Phoenix Contact

Phoenix Contact Signal Wire Cable DrumIn addition to cable rings of up to 100 meters, Phoenix Contact is now also offering signal lines of up to 500 meters on cable drums in small quantities.

Customers can benefit from the close collaboration between Phoenix Contact and premium cable manufacturers. As Phoenix Contact processes several thousand kilometres of cable each year, the company is also able to pass on an excellent price/performance ratio, even for small quantities.

The signal lines are available in a wide range of different sheath grades, such as PUR or PVC, various wire cross sections, with different numbers of wires or even cable colours. Not only that, shielded and unshielded cables are also available. The cable drum can be self-configured and the length can be individually determined, between 110 and 500 meters, even in 10 meter increments.


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