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New Video Demonstrates The Benefits Of Raychem Hot Water Maintenance Thermostat For Branch Lines

HWAT-T55 thermostatElectrical heat-tracing specialist, Pentair Thermal Building Solutions, has recently launched a video to demonstrate the benefits of its HWAT-T55 thermostat, which has been designed to operate with the Company’s Raychem Hot Water Maintenance System for small pipe networks or for branches up-to 50m.

HWAT videoClick here to open video

The Raychem HWAT-T55 thermostat effectively monitors pipe temperature and ensures that the system is used exclusively for maintaining the temperature in the pipe network, not for heating the water. In this way, the system ensures that power consumption is reduced to a minimum without affecting user comfort or safety.

The new Raychem HWAT-T55 was designed to be used in conjunction with Raychem HWAT-L, HWAT-M and HWAT-R single pipe systems for small pipe networks such as those in single family houses. Based on innovative self-regulating technology, these heat-tracing cables provide commercial and residential buildings with immediate hot water at the tap without the use of a water recirculation system. However, the system is also suited for residential buildings or hotels where a recirculation system is installed in the main pipe network. In this case, each of the branches can be equipped with a heat-tracing cable to keep a uniform pipe temperature for every tap in the building. As a result, users are no longer required to run the tap for long periods of time before achieving the desired temperature, saving both water and energy.

Fully equipped with a 10m line sensing cable, the Raychem HWAT-T55 thermostat accurately monitors the hot water supply temperature and automatically lowers the maintenance temperature during hours of low use. When water usage is high and hot water is flowing from the water heater to the point of use without delay, the heating cable is switched off completely for further energy savings. The new thermostat also features three pre-set temperatures (55/50/45°C), which can be customised depending on the user’s needs.

Furthermore, the latest technology comes with three operation modes - ON, ECO and OFF. If set to ECO, the system automatically lowers the temperature by 5 K during night time, reducing energy consumption, while still sustaining the required maintenance temperature of 50°C to ensure users are protected from harmful bacteria, such as Legionella.

 “Today’s hot water systems focus more on user comfort and energy savings than ever before,” comments Knut Bittner, product manager at Pentair Thermal Building Solutions. “In particular the increasing demand for luxury accommodation together with new comfort criteria are putting pressure on property owners to provide a hot water maintenance system that delivers both comfort and energy efficiency. When paired with our market-leading HWAT system, the new Raychem HWAT-T55 thermostat provides the ideal solution. It keeps hot water at the right temperature everywhere in the building to reduce tapping times and water consumption, while its smart control technology ensures that power consumption is reduced to a minimum.”


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