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Tratos Wins UK-ITALY Business Awards for Industrial Investment

UK-ITALY Business AwardLeading European manufacturer of electrical, electronic and fibre optic cables, Tratos is delighted to announce it has won the prestigious UK-Italy Business Awards in the Industrial Investment Award category.

The UK-Italy Business Awards, which took place earlier this year in Milan, acknowledges and celebrates the success of Italian investors that chose the United Kingdom as a key market for their international business development in the course of 2013.  The ceremony was organised by the British Consulate-General in Milan and UK Trade & Investment (UKTI).

Tratos received the Industrial Investment Award for its decision to invest in a new manufacturing facility in Knowsley, Liverpool, where the company already runs a manufacturing site, focusing on low voltage cables.  The project will involve significant capital investment for new machinery (worth £12 million) and site acquisition (£6 million), as well as research activities in the field of low carbon and low emission products.  Production is expected to start in summer 2014.

In the course of the last financial year Italy ranked third among foreign investors for the number of projects delivered.  Companies looking invest in the UK are supported by the Investment Team of UKTI Italy, which delivers bespoke information to potential and actual investors on market opportunities and government incentives, as well as practical information.

The UK-Italy Business Awards recognises the dynamism of the bilateral relationship between Italy and the UK and is an important appointment for the Italian business world.  The Awards were well attended, with the presence of two ministers, - Michael Fallon, UK Minister of State for Business and Energy and Flavio Zanonato, Italian Minister for Economic Development - and distinguished guests from both countries.

Dr Maurizio Bragagni, CEO of Tratos Ltd., sees the Award as an acknowledgement of the ongoing investment Tratos has made in the UK for over 30 years.  “From our initial distribution and sales presence in the UK in 1981 with Tratos Ltd. we have continually invested in UK manufacturing.  In 2008 Tratos Ltd acquired North West Cables Ltd and its subsidiary Modular Wiring Systems Ltd. investing considerable sums in modernising plant and facilities.  We believe the large investment in the national grid upgrade is going to generate significant market growth in the UK, hence our programme of expansion in the UK this year.”

In addition to its UK presence, Tratos Group also has operations in China, Germany and Spain, with its main manufacturing facility in Sante Pieve, Italy.  

Tratos manufactures exceptionally high quality electrical, electronic and fibre optic cables for a wide variety of applications within the nuclear, oil and gas, defence, fusion and energy sectors, along with specialist cables for a number of niche markets.  These are sold to 52 countries worldwide.  Cables are manufactured in modern, sophisticated production facilities with fully trained personnel and technical backup.  

In addition to cable manufacture, Tratos supplies a complete procurement service for customers, for a solutions based approach.  This added value service, along with the rigorous standards Tratos adheres to, has helped set the company apart from overseas competitors.

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