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Tratos MTO® Cables Used In Kosovo Open Cast Mining Site

Tratos MTO® ES3 cableEuropean cable manufacturer Tratos has supplied Tenova TAKRAF, one of the world's leading manufacturers of heavy surface mining and transportation equipment, with Tratos MTO® ES3 cable for use in an open-cast mining site in Kosovo.

Tratos manufactured and delivered two lengths of 2100m MTO® Console-cable reel for use on Tenova TAKRAF open-cast mining excavators, for which the company is renown.  

Manufactured to withstand the kind of extreme conditions common in mining applications, Tratos MTO® cables are resistant to extreme temperatures, sunlight, water, chemicals, oil and abrasion and are available in voltages ranging from 600V up to 35kV.  For this installation, 30kV rubber hose cables have been supplied with a diameter of 70mm, a reel of 3m inner diameter and 8.5m in length.  The cables operate up to a speed of 9 m/min. 

RoHS compliant, Tratos MTO® cables have been built to adhere to worldwide standards including AS/NZS, VDE, BS, UL, CSA, MSHA and OSHA.  Extremely rugged, they are suitable for a variety of applications in drilling and underground environments, including open-pit mining, tunnelling and mineshafts, as well as loading and unloading trains and ships.

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