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Tratos Wins Major Electricity North West Cable Order

TratosTratos, a leading European manufacturer of electrical, electronic and fibre optic cables, has won a £1 million Multiple Awardees Contract from Electricity North West Ltd. for the supply of 132kv cables.

The cables, designed and manufactured in accordance with specification ES400C14, will be used across the Electricity North West 132kV distribution network, which connects 2.4 million properties and more than 5 million people in the region to the National Grid.  Its network covers a diverse range of terrain, from isolated farms in rural areas such as Cumbria, to areas of heavy industry and urban populations including Manchester.

The 132kV high voltage cables are being manufactured in Tratos’ factory in Arezzo, Italy, which was recently extended, to the cost of €6 million, to house a Continuous Vulcanisation line for completely dry curing of polymeric high voltage cables.  

Tratos product range includes single and multi conductor high temperature, Fire Resistant, Low Smoke & Fume, Rubber, Energy Cables from Low Voltages up to 132kV, Railway, Motorway, Data, Fibre Optic, Oil & Gas, Shipwiring, Drum Reeling and Telecommunications cables, as well as Cathodic Protection, Airfield Lighting, Composite and bespoke cables.

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