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BASEC Launches UK's Largest Cable Testing Laboratory

On Thursday 13th September, the British Approvals Service for Cables (BASEC) opened a new 18,000 sq ft world-class cable testing laboratory in Milton Keynes.

The state-of-the-art facility, which has also become BASEC’s new head office, is the largest dedicated testing laboratory for cables in the UK.

The Deputy Mayor of Milton Keynes and electrical industry professionals, trade organisations, cable manufacturers and media attended the event which included a presentation from the chief executive of BASEC, Dr Jeremy Hodge and tours of the facility.

BASEC, which has been located in Milton Keynes for over 30 years, has made a significant investment in the new laboratory, including the commissioning of brand new test equipment.  BASEC’s previous arrangement for testing with the British Standards Institution (BSI) was concluded earlier this year and staff and equipment were transferred to the new site. A number of new jobs and apprenticeships will be created locally.

Dr Jeremy Hodge, chief executive of BASEC explained: “The work done here in our laboratory will provide a world-class benchmark for the quality and safety assessment of electrical cables used across the UK and in many other parts of the world.  As there is little legislation or public sector enforcement of electrical cables, what we do is of crucial importance for public safety.  This campaign cannot be conducted by BASEC alone, and we work in partnership with a range of organisations including those representing electrical contractors, cable manufacturers, many specialist user sectors, public safety charities, buyers and traders.

BASEC works with cable manufacturers from across the world, rigorously testing cables in a diverse range of environments in order to certify compliance and safety to UK, European and international standards, and to assist manufacturers, traders and users of cable. Once a cable has been independently tested by BASEC, the ‘BASEC’ name will be marked on the cable. Only cable marked with the ‘BASEC’ name is approved by demonstrating its compliance to the required standards. Most cables require between 30 and 60 different tests and examinations to ensure compliance.”

From the new laboratory, BASEC will also provide a service to test suspect cables in the marketplace, working with national initiatives to help stamp out the manufacture, distribution and use of non- compliant, or counterfeit cables.

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