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Prysmian Guide To BS 5839-1 Fire detection and fire alarm systems for buildings

Prysmain guide to BS 5839-1In the updated guide to British Standards, Prysmian's expert Terry Journeaux focusses on BS 5839-1:2002. The guide covers the selection of cable type for particular building applications in accordance with BS 5839-1:2002 "Fire detection and fire alarm systems for buildings."

Compared with BS5839-1:1988, the 2002 edition introduces some significant changes affecting cable selection:-
• The use of fire resisting cables is now recommended for all manual call point and automatic fire detector circuits. The use of fire resisting cables is also recommended for all final mains power supply circuits
• Two different levels of resistance of cables to damage during the course of fire are recognized, and recommendations for application of each type are provided
• New test requirements for cables introduced
• Recommendations for networked systems, particulary in respect of cable types , are included
• New guidance on segregation
• Restrictions on use of multicore cable
• New guidance on cable fixings and accessories

Part 1: Code of practice for system design, installation, commissioning and maintenance.

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