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Insudite™ Insulation: Because you need more than fire resistance

Insudite™ helps to make Prysmian’s FP200 Gold and FP PLUS fire resistant cables the best on the market. It’s an innovative and unique hard skin and fire resistant insulation that surpasses other ‘soft skinned’ fire resistant cables made from just silicone. The result is a tough, highly durable and damage resistant insulation that is entirely unique to the Prysmian FP Range.

Insudite™ insulation tackles today’s requirement for greater cable durability and can address the risks often associated with cables insulated with just soft silicone. Construction sites are busy places and after first fix, vital cables can be accidently damaged by other trades or even materials mishandling.

FP Product Manager Simon Hopkins explains the advantages Insudite™ brings:
“Installers tell us that toughness and durability is essential for any cable as there is potential for third party damage during installation. Weak insulation can be easily compromised before and after installation, resulting in delayed commissioning, system handover or costly rework.  Faults can be notoriously difficult to locate within a cable network and may even cause false alarms in the future. Insudite™ mitigates these risks.”


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