Review of the Latest News on Cable

Tratos Announces New Cost-effective Overhead Conductor

Electric and fibre optic cable manufacturer Tratos is pleased to announce the launch of an innovative new MV Overhead Bare Conductor made with annealed aluminium extruded around a supporting steel core.  The conductor has been developed in conjunction with Italy‚Äôs largest power company Enel SpA, Cesi Ricerca SpA and De Angeli Prodotti SpA as a cost-effective alternative to standard Overhead Conductors.

With the cost of copper and aluminium base metals having risen dramatically during the past decade and set to continue, traditional Overhead Conductors are becoming increasingly expensive and are also prone to theft.  The new MV Overhead Bare Conductor developed by Tratos and its partners does not use copper, bringing the cost down.  In fact the new Overhead Conductor has wide ranging cost benefits as not only does it come at a lower price point, but in line operational and end of life dismantling costs are reduced.

Even with this cost benefit, the new Overhead Conductor retains high performance levels, with the ability to meet increased power demands, seasonal power peaks and backup of faulty feeders, thus improving network flexibility.

Other key advantages of the new Overhead Conductor include a considerably reduced carbon footprint during manufacture and resistance to vandalism due to its unusual structure.  This structure makes it difficult to extract the aluminium and the lack of copper contained in it also make it less appealing to potential thieves.

The new Overhead Conductor can be used in place of all standard conductors (25Cu, 35Cu and 35AAAC).