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Carlo Gavazzi's PD86 Ensures Safe And Reliable Detection (2)

PD86 sensorCarlo Gavazzi has extended its popular range of polarized retro-reflective sensors with a powerful stylish and versatile unit, the PD86XAP12. The sensor is designed to meet the harsh environments of today’s industrial door and gate applications.

With a long straight sensing distance of 12 metres on an 80mm diameter reflector the PD86 has a simple adjustable horizontal and vertical lens + 4.5° to compensate for uneven mounting surfaces, the sensor is particularly suited to applications where dust and other environmental conditions can influence the sensing distance. The 44 x 86 x 39mm housing is manufactured in a either a strong metal version housing manufactured from ZAMAK 5 or a smart grey glass reinforced polycarbonate avoiding corrosion issues whilst providing a water tight (IP66) and screwless construction.

To make for easier mounting the cable entry has been enlarged and comes with either fixed terminals or a detachable terminal block 6 x 1.5mm2. The PD86 has proven immunity against foreign light, SPST, relay output, dipswitch for inverting the relay and for testing the input to a normally high or normally low position as well as an operating temperature range of -25° to +60°C.

The polarized retro-reflective function filters out any unwanted reflections from shiny objects such as metallic cars, providing a reliable detection source; whilst the dipswitch can be set to work with any door controller, and the two LEDs combined with four selectable settings; Yellow LED for output on and green LED for power, dirty lens and misalignment, makes fault diagnostic simple and fast.

The PD86 sensor is designed in accordance with the latest standards European and North American regulations for industrial doors and is CE, UL325 and UL508 approved and is compliant with EN12445, EN12453, EN12978 Regulations and ESPE type 2.


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