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Carlo Gavazzi Creates A Scene In Oxford

Quod BrasserieRefurbishment of Oxford’s largest and most successful restaurant, Quod Brasserie has included the use of Carlo Gavazzi’s smart building system which not only provides the brasserie with the ability to pre-define set scenes which can be changed throughout the day but it does so in an energy efficient manner through the integration of lux sensors and dimmers.

A vibrant and bustling space, Quod Brasserie forms the hub of the Old Bank Hotel which is surrounded by the famous colleges of Merton, All Souls, Christ Church and University. The building was a former banking hall before it was transformed by owner Jeremy Mogford into a stylish and contemporary space which houses an amazing collection of young British art.

“The smart building controller which forms the hub of the new system is extremely robust and versatile which is perfect for this type of application” explained Nathan Bayliss of Simply Advanced.  “For example, it allows the setting of pre-defined functions which in this case is different lighting scenes which can be used at different times of the day to create the right ambience within the dining area. Once these are created within the central controller, the scenes can be changed by staff at the touch of a button using one of the seven Aurora light switches which have been installed throughout the brasserie” he added.

The Carlo Gavazzi Dupline® smart building system 2 wire-bus provides many advantages in building automation installations. Unlike RS485 based solutions, Dupline® can be wired using free topology for the cable including ring, star etc., the cable does not need to be screened or twisted and it can be run next to power cables without fear or interference. Many of the field devices are powered by the bus itself which simplifies the installation removing the need for additional power supplies.  The SBWEB BACnet gateway can also connect to energy meters - all data points from these and the Dupline® network are automatically converted into BACnet objects, ready to be integrated into the building automation system.

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