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BS ISO/IEC 30182 Smart City Concept Model Released

Smart city concept modelBS ISO/IEC 30182:2017
Smart city concept model. Guidance for establishing a model for data interoperability
Publication Date: 19 June 2017

What is this standard about?
It provides a framework within which data that is created, used and maintained by a city across all sectors can be used in interoperable ways to provide community services.

Who is this standard for?

 -   Organizations that provide services to communities in cities
 -   Organizations that manage the resulting data
 -   City policy developers
 -   Elected leaders and senior executives within local authorities
 -   Others who are interested in leading and shaping the city environment, including:
       - Senior executives in the private sector
       - Leaders from the voluntary and higher and further education sectors
       - Community innovators and representatives

Why should you use this standard?

Because when cities exploit the potential of interoperable data it leads to many benefits, including:

-    Reduced cost as the need to re-collect and verify data is removed
-    Integrated city systems and services driven by data
-    A common understanding of the needs of communities
-    Shared objectives, collaboratively developed and evidenced using data
-    Engaged and enabled citizens and communities
-    Transparency in decision-making
-    Development of partnership models
-    Businesses and communities co-creating innovation
-    Improved quality of life for citizens


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