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BS EN 13141-1:2019 Ventilation For Buildings Released

BSEN13141 1BS EN 13141-1:2019
Ventilation for buildings.
Performance testing of components/products for residential ventilation.
Externally and internally mounted air transfer devices

Publication Date: 11 February 2019
Replaces:  BS EN 13141-1:2004

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What is this standard about?

This document specifies laboratory methods for testing externally and internally mounted air transfer devices operating under pressure differences.

This document applies to air transfer devices of the following types:
- air transfer devices with fixed opening(s);
- air transfer devices with manually adjustable opening(s);
- air transfer devices with pressure difference controlled opening(s);
- window openings specifically designed to act as an air transfer device.

This document describes tests intended to characterize the following:
- flow rate/pressure;
- equivalent area
- reverse flow ability;
- air tightness when closed;
- free area;
- air diffusion in the occupied zone;
- sound insulation;
- water tightness.

This document does not apply to evaluation of:
- air filtration;
- condensation risk;
- noise production.