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AICO AudioLINK Data Extraction Seals The Deal For Calico Homes

data extractionCalico Homes in Lancashire has changed its Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarm specification to Aico Ei208 Lithium battery powered CO Alarms with AudioLINK data extraction technology.

A registered charity, Calico Homes provides accommodation for families and older people, plus supported housing and services for homeless people, across Lancashire. Calico has been fitting Aico Smoke Alarms into its properties for some years but only made the decision to fit Aico CO Alarms across its 4,600 homes in September 2016 following a benchmark trial.

The move to Ei208 CO Alarms has already proven invaluable. Following a reported CO Alarm activation by a Calico Homes customer, National Grid attended the site along with a Calico Homes Gas Engineer but no CO was detected and the customer had no CO present in her blood. It was impossible to tell if the incumbent CO Alarm had actually activated, so the engineer swapped it for an Aico CO Alarm which comes with AudioLINK data extraction technology.

Approximately two weeks later the Aico CO Alarm activated but this time Calico Homes was able to extract data from the alarm and take action, as Steve Hobman, Lead Gas Engineer at Calico Homes, explains; “I asked the customer what she was doing when the alarm activated and she advised she had been using the oven. I then downloaded a report from the alarm which confirmed the alarm had seen high CO readings. After carrying out further tests it was proved to be the oven which was producing CO and the cooker was capped off.”

Steve is impressed by the Aico CO Alarm, in particular the AudioLINK data extraction technology: “These alarms give the engineer more evidence and proof of a genuine activation, making it clear which alarm has been going off as sometimes it is the Smoke Alarm not the CO Alarm. Basically we are now able to get immediate reports from the Aico alarm which will help us to determine if a faulty appliance has activated the alarm and if any CO has been recorded along with all the other data on the report.

“AudioLINK is very useful. It’s a really good tool to help eliminate problems – it provides us with clear evidence if CO is present in the property so we can look further in to it and take action where necessary. It makes for greater safety for the customers and more efficient use of our time.”

The Ei208 is a quality, cost-effective CO alarm which uses sealed in 10 year life Lithium batteries, a highly sophisticated electrochemical CO sensor and Aico’s multiple award winning AudioLINK technology. AudioLINK allows real time data to be extracted to a smart phone or tablet using the free AudioLINK App. The data is displayed in a simple colour coded Alarm Status Report, providing useful information such as any alarm activations – with details of when it occurred, if any background CO has been detected, battery life, alarm sensors status, plus number of times tested and removed.

Calico Homes’ in-house gas maintenance team has now completed the installation of Ei208 CO Alarms across all properties, which has been done at the time of the annual boiler service. The alarms are fitted in the living room if there is a gas fire or in the room where the boiler is housed.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Ei Electronics, Aico is the market leader in residential fire and CO protection in the UK. All alarms are designed and built in Ireland specifically to meet the UK standards and regulations. With more mains powered domestic smoke alarms installed in the UK’s social housing than any other manufacturer, Aico is tried, tested and trusted.


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