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London Borough Fits Aico’s Latest Multi-Sensor Fire Alarm

Aico Multi SensorThe London Borough of Harrow is fitting Aico’s latest alarm – the mains powered Multi-Sensor Fire Alarm, Ei2110e – into it domestic properties.

A long standing Aico customer, Harrow is using the Ei2110e to upgrade its properties to at least a category LD2, Grade D standard.  The upgrades will take place during major refurbishments or a rewire of a property, covering 200-300 homes per year.  In line with category LD2, Grade D systems, the properties will be fitted with the new Ei2110e in the main living room, landing and hallway, with a Heat Alarm in the kitchen.  Further alarms will be installed on recommendation from the installers where additional risks have been highlighted.

The Multi-Sensor Fire Alarm contains two sensor types, optical and heat, to constantly monitor smoke and heat levels, sending and receiving information via its intelligent detection software.  This sensor information alters the alarm’s sensitivity and trigger points, automatically providing the best response to all fire types and reduces potential false alarms.  

Michael L, M&E clerk of works at Harrow Council, explains the decision to install this premium alarm solution: “The Aico Ei2110e Multi-Sensor was chosen as it met our requirements on functionality, cost, availability, proven reliability, simplicity to install and use, added features and ease for support and maintenance.”

These added features include data extraction technology in the form of AudioLINK and RadioLINK+.  AudioLINK is an award winning technology that enables real time data to be extracted from each alarm using its sounder directly to a smartphone or tablet via a free App to create an Alarm Status Report. The Report displays useful information about the alarm, such as battery life, alarm sensors status, number of times tested and removed; and any alarm activations, with details of when it occurred - all in a simple easy to read format.  RadioLINK+ enables whole system data to be extracted, such as the number and location of alarms, which can be accessed securely from within or even outside a property if access is an issue.  

Both data extraction technologies not only enable issues to be identified and dealt with on site, but can also help with maintenance and asset management records.  “Our maintenance support team will be able to make use of the data retrieval technology as an extra tool, to help diagnose problems and give, where needed, extra support and advice at properties” states Michael.

RadioLINK+ is also used to interconnect alarms on the system without the need to hard wire them together.  This has proven an invaluable feature for the council which uses RadioLINK+ wireless alarm interconnection during refurbishments to avoid unnecessary disruption at a property.  In properties that are being rewired, the alarms are instead hard wired together in the standard way.

In addition to the mains powered Multi-Sensor Fire Alarm, Ei2110e, Harrow Council is installing Aico Alarm Controllers and other devices and accessories where recommended by the installers.

“The service and support we receive from Aico has been excellent” states Michael.  “We are kept informed of new products and changes to the market.  Aico are proactive in ensuring our installers are trained on products and that suppliers are kept up to date on the type of systems we install and the estimated volumes; this ensures that specified products are correctly installed with minimum supervision.”


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