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Aico Launches New Multi-Sensor: An Evolution In Total Fire Response

Ei2110e Multi-Sensor Fire AlarmAico, UK’s market leader in domestic mains powered Fire and Carbon Monoxide (CO) detection, has launched the new Multi-Sensor Fire Alarm.

The Multi-Sensor Ei2110e contains two sensor types, optical and heat. Between them they are capable of detecting all fire types, providing a total fire response.  

The Multi-Sensor fire alarm uses these dual sensors to constantly monitor smoke and heat levels, sending and receiving information via its intelligent detection software. It is this sensor information that alters the alarm’s sensitivity and trigger points, automatically providing the best response to all fire types and reduces potential false alarms. The Multi-Sensor Ei2110e can be sited anywhere in a home that requires a smoke alarm – making it easier to specify.

The Optical sensor is housed in a cylindrical chamber, which has a bonded protective mesh to keep out potential contaminates such as dust and insects whilst still allowing the free flow of smoke. Additionally, the Multi-Sensor has a unique self-monitoring dust compensation mechanism incorporated into its software. The sensor self-monitors minute changes in dust levels, recalibrating the alarm trigger point as required. This reduces the number of false alarms, maintenance costs and makes them ideal for alarms sited in difficult to access areas.

Aico’s AudioLINK technology has also been incorporated into this alarm, which allows you to extract real time data from the Alarm using the sounder directly to a smartphone or tablet via an App to create an Alarm Status Report.

The Report, which is simple to review and store, is created for the life of the Alarm and is colour coded to identify the urgency of any issue. The Report displays useful information about the Alarm, such as battery life, alarm sensors status, number of times tested and removed; and any alarm activation, with details of when it occurred - all in a simple format. As the information is generated in real time, should there be an issue then it can be dealt with there and then.

Additional information about each section can be obtained simply by tapping onto the desired area on the tablet or smartphone – this will then provide more detailed guidance to the user. The Report can accommodate additional information such as a site reference number, address or location before being forwarded via email or to be stored in a key location for future reference.

AudioLINK works on Apple and Android devices, with the Windows version coming soon.

The new Multi-Sensor Ei2110e has been completely redesigned with a clean, sleek, slimline modern look, in line with the recent launch of Aico’s 160e Series, the Ei208 CO Alarm Series and range of alarm accessories, including the Ei450 Alarm Controller.  It retains the same easi-fit footprint as its predecessor, making it simple to upgrade from previous Aico alarms.

With Aico’s award winning RadioLINK wireless alarm interconnection a firm favourite of both installers and landlords, the Multi-Sensor Fire Alarm now comes with a plug in RadioLINK+ module negating the need for a separate RadioLINK base.  The Ei100MRF RadioLINK+ module simply slots into the alarm and is automatically activated ready to be House Coded in with the rest of the system. Such a design saves on installation time and reduces associated costs.

With the introduction of the RadioLINK+ module, the House Coding slot has now been moved onto the actual alarm making it easy to access and use and, most importantly, enabling all the alarms to be House Coded in situ. This not only makes for quicker installation, but also allows the installer to check RF signal strength at the exact location the alarms will be when protecting the occupants and dwelling.

RadioLINK+ has also made it easier to expand existing systems.  With RadioLINK+ only one alarm in the existing system needs putting into Remote House Code mode, which signals to all other devices on the house coded system that a new alarm/accessory needs adding, as opposed to all the alarms.

RadioLINK+ has an enhanced self-monitoring function that recognises system tampering or alarm head removal. Each alarm in the system has the ability to identify the alarm with the strongest Radio Frequency (RF) signal and automatically pair with it. At regular intervals, these paired alarms communicate with each other so that if one alarm is removed from its base the other will acknowledge the lack of response with an indicator light and log this in its memory, even if the missing alarm is replaced. It can also send an ‘Alarm Removed’ signal when connected to an Ei414 Fire/CO Alarm Interface and third party device e.g. Warden Call or other monitoring systems.

Designed to be easy to specify, delivering the highest quality protection for BS 5839-6 Grade D applications, the new Multi-Sensor Ei2110e can be sited anywhere in the home that requires a smoke alarm. These mains powered alarms come with 10 year rechargeable Lithium cells to provide over six month’s back-up in the event of a mains failure. Ei2110e alarms are compatible with existing Aico alarms and accessories, enabling for full system upgrades or simple system expansion using the new models.  

A wholly owned subsidiary of Ei Electronics, Aico are market leaders in residential fire and CO protection in the UK. All alarms are designed and built in Ireland specifically to meet the UK standards and regulations. 2015 sees Aico’s 25th anniversary. With more mains powered domestic smoke alarms installed in the UK’s social housing than any other manufacturer, Aico is tried, tested and trusted. Aico has a dedicated team of Regional Managers to support specifications and supply of products. Aico also offers technical support over the phone and an internal sales team to help with any enquiries.


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