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AICO Alarms Used In Innovative Electrical Fire Safety System

Aico is pleased to announce that its market leading RadioLINK mains powered smoke alarms have been recommended for use with the Thermarestor System, a unique range of devices providing a pre-ignition solution to the problem of electrical fires within fixed wire installations.

Thermarestor fits to consumer units and distribution boards to monitor the temperature of electrical connection points. If excessive heat is detected, Thermarestor can isolate the supply, remove the potential source of ignition and provide very early warning of the problem via Aico alarms, when linked to an Aico Switched Input Module. Unlike existing protective devices such as fuses, miniature circuit breakers and residual current devices, Thermarestor is able to sense the abnormal heat associated with those wiring faults which can ultimately lead to fire. This innovative system can be used in conjunction with Aico alarms to enable early detection and warning of potential fault conditions before they become a serious problem.

Aico RadioLINK smoke alarms have been selected for use with Thermarestor due to their quality, reliability and their use of Radio Frequency (RF) signals for interconnection.  This allows Thermarestor to connect with the smoke alarm system wirelessly, removing the costly and time consuming requirement for hard-wiring between the two.

Aico provides high quality, high reliability mains-powered Smoke, Heat and Multi-Sensor alarms, all of which can be used with Thermarestor.  These are available as the 140 Series with 9V primary battery back-up or the 160 Series with 10 year rechargeable Lithium back-up for total peace of mind.

Aico also offers a range of alarm accessories to make systems easy to use and add flexibility.  These include an Alarm Controller to test and control all alarms on a system from a single convenient location; a Relay to trigger an external device such as a Warden Call system; and an Alarm for the Hearing Impaired.


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